How to do-over your dunny and make your potty more plush

Having a nice bathroom area in your home helps to make things more comfortable for your family and any friends or relatives that drop over. That includes having your toilets in tip-top shape. Read on to find out how you can give your dunny a makeover to enhance the appeal of your home.

Where did the name ‘dunny’ come from?

Before we get into the intricacies of Mount Isa bathroom makeovers, you might be wondering where the name ‘dunny’ came from for a toilet. Dunny is Australian slang, but it’s an abbreviation for ‘dunnekin’, which was an old Scottish word for an outhouse. Outhouses were toilets in the back yard that were common in Australia until sewerage became common in the 1960s and indoor toilets were born!

How much do Mount Isa bathroom renovations cost?

Bathroom renovations in Mount Isa can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars for very basic renovations to small bathrooms through to thirty thousand dollars or more for extensive renovations to larger, high-end bathrooms. It depends on the type of work you need done, and the bathroom features that you want.

How to do-over your dunny and make your potty more plush

Again, this depends on the extent of the work you need done. The more extensive the work, the longer it will take, and vice versa. It also depends on the availability of the tradies you need to complete the work. For example, you may need a plumber, electrician or carpenter, and all of their work needs to be coordinated and project managed.

The average bathroom renovation takes between two and four weeks, depending on the availability of tradies.

Mount Isa bathroom renovations on a tight budget

There are plenty of things you can do for a Mt Isa bathroom renovation on a tight budget. But there’s not much you can do about an old toilet other than to give it a thorough clean and buy a new toilet seat.

If your dunny has seen better days, a better option would be arranging for a plumber to install a new toilet for you. There are toilets to suit all budgets these days, ranging anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand for so-called ‘smart toilets’ that have water saving and other automatic features. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. All new toilets come clean, you just have to keep them that way by cleaning them regularly.

And when you get a new toilet installed, make sure you spend just a little more to get a new toilet roll holder and brush as well.

Once your new toilet is installed, you can do some simple things to renovate your bathroom on a tight budget, such as any of the following:

  • cleaning the grout in your floor and shower tiles.
  • giving your walls a fresh coat of paint (or wallpapering them).
  • installing a new mirror, vanity, bathroom cabinet, taps and shower fittings.

Do bathroom renovations add value to a home?

Yes, they usually do, especially if it’s a significant improvement. If you’re thinking of selling, you should ask for a local real estate agent’s opinion on how your bathroom stacks up to others on the market.

If you’re a landlord, a bathroom renovation can also make your home more appealing to tenants.

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