How to drive a higher home price in Mount Isa

If you’re looking to sell your Mount Isa home for top dollar, then there are some important things you need to remember in your sales and marketing campaign. Driving a higher selling price is all about understanding the market and making your home as marketable as possible.

Understanding Mount Isa property buyers

There are two broad categories of Mount Isa property buyers – owner-occupiers and investors. Owner-occupiers are looking for a property to live in themselves. Investors on the other hand are looking for a property to rent out to tenants.

In terms of getting the best possible price when selling your Mount Isa home, you won’t care whether an owner-occupier or an investor buys it. So it’s important to target both groups in your sales and marketing campaign. The main thing is to generate maximum buyer interest in your Mt Isa property as soon as you list it.

Both potential buyer groups could include local and out-of-town buyers. For example, out-of-town people looking to move to Mount Isa to work or out-of-town investors looking for properties with low vacancy rates and high rental yields.

There are some key differences in the types of things that make a home appealing to each group. Let’s look at owner-occupiers first.

What owner-occupiers want in Mount Isa residential property

Owner-occupiers will want a property that suits their lifestyle needs. When they come to an open home inspection (or view a property online), they need to come away picturing themselves (and their kids if they have them) living comfortably in the home.

You should highlight all of your home’s key features in your sales and marketing campaign to show why buyers would want to live in it. This information should make it clear why the home is worth the listing price (or more).

What investors want in Mt Isa residential property

Nearly half of all properties sold in Mount Isa are investment properties. It’s a popular place for tenants to come and work to earn high incomes for a few years.

Investors are primarily interested in the potential financial return on a property that’s for sale, rather than what it would be like to live in. In addition to highlighting your home’s key features that would make it attractive to tenants, you should also include information about the current low tenant vacancy rates in Mount Isa and the high rental yields.

Both of these factors are helping to drive up Mount Isa house prices in the current market.

The importance of using a good local agent

A good local agent will target both sets of buyers in their sales and marketing campaign. They will also target both local and out-of-town buyers in each group, and be able to give you advice on how you can make your home as marketable as possible for open home inspections and in your online listing.

The key to selling your home for the highest possible price is generating maximum potential buyer interest as quickly as possible. A good local Mount Isa real estate agent will help you to do that by ensuring you have a high quality online listing and negotiating with buyers on your behalf. Real estate agents work for sellers, not buyers.

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