Mount Isa gardening ideas and tips

Getting your Mount Isa garden to look its best all year round can be more of a challenge with our climate than it is in many other parts of Australia. But it can be done! It’s all about what you plant and when. Read on to find out all of our Mount Isa gardening ideas and tips.

What to plant in Mount Isa gardens in autumn

There’s a diverse range of flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables that you can plant in autumn in your Mount Isa garden that will give you great results.

In terms of flowering plants, try chrysanthemums, geraniums, gerberas, marigolds, petunias, snapdragons, sunflowers and wallflowers.

For herbs, you could plant lavender, mint, parsley and basil.

Fruit and vegetables that will thrive when planted in autumn in Mt Isa gardens include beans, lettuce, onion and tomatoes.

What to plant in Mount Isa gardens in winter

We don’t really get winter temperatures in Mount Isa during the day, but it can get cool at night. The following plants are known to do well in Mount Isa in winter:

  • Flowers: carnations, chrysanthemums, geraniums, gerberas, impatiens, marigolds, petunias, snapdragons, sunflowers and wallflowers.
  • Fruit and vegetables: carrots, lettuce, onion, potatoes and pumpkin.

What to plant in Mount Isa gardens in spring

Spring is traditionally the best time of year for gardens no matter where you live in Australia, and Mount Isa is no exception. Here’s what you should be planting in spring to get the best results:

  • Flowers: petunias and marigolds.
  • Herbs: all types of herbs.
  • Fruit and vegetables: beans, capsicum, onion and sweet corn.

What to plant in Mount Isa gardens in summer

OK, we all know that it’s really hot in Mount Isa in summer. Getting out into the garden may be the last thing you’ll have on your mind. But if you make the effort, you can be well rewarded with the following plants as long as you keep your watering up and you have plenty of mulch! If your garden is shaded for parts of the day, that will also help as well.

  • Flowers: impatiens, petunias, begonias and cactus plants.
  • Herbs: basil.
  • Fruit and vegetables: tomatoes, cucumber, melons, pumpkins, capsicum and sweet corn.

Garden maintenance tips

Once you’ve planted the right plants at the right times, there are a range of things you can do to make maintaining your garden less of a chore.

Tip 1: Regular maintenance saves time in the long run
Gardening is a bit like housework. If you stay on top of it, there’s less long-term work to do. Get into the habit of doing some regular and quick garden maintenance rather than letting things slide.

Tip 2: Use plenty of mulch
Your garden will have less weeds and will need less watering if you do. Make sure you reuse any dead leaves as mulch.

Tip 3: Water deeply instead of lightly
Deep watering encourages your plants’ roots to grow deep rather than spreading wide. It results in hardier plants, provided you have adequate drainage. Light watering on the other hand only wets the top layer of the soil. It may not reach your plants’ roots and it will also discourage them from growing deeper.

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