Mount Isa open home tips

If you’re thinking of selling or leasing your Mount Isa home, an open home is a great strategy. It gives as many potential buyers or tenants as possible the chance to walk through your home to generate maximum interest. Read on to find out our top Mount Isa open home tips.

Tip #1 De-clutter (inside and out)

Decluttering your home means removing anything that looks untidy both inside and out. Things like boxes, toys, tools, clothes and any unnecessary furniture. 

Don’t leave things lying around or in sight unless they add value or appeal to your home. Pack them away for when you move or if you can do without them, get rid of them completely by selling them online, donating them to charity or taking them to the dump.

Tip #2 Remove personal items

Remove as many personal items as possible, including photos or children’s name tags on doors or trophies, fridge magnets, posters on walls, etc. You want people at your Mt Isa open home to picture themselves living in the home, not you.

You should also remove any personal items like jewellery, watches, etc. Most people in Mount Isa are very trustworthy, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when you have an open home!

Tip #3 Make the inside of you home as light as possible

Good lighting (whether it be natural or artificial) can make a home feel more inviting and larger. Make sure you have your curtains or blinds open, and make sure you turn your internal lights or any lamps on. Doing that not only makes your home brighter and potentially more appealing, it shows potential buyers or tenants that your electricity/wiring works.

Tip #4 Fix any obvious maintenance issues before open home day

This includes simple things like leaking taps, cracked windows, loose door handles, squeaky hinges, broken tiles, missing grout, cornice cracks, holes in walls, or blocked drains. If potential buyers or tenants see some obvious minor issues with your property, they will likely wonder if there are more major ones that are less obvious.

Tip #5 Replace any worn floor coverings

If you have stained or worn carpet, consider replacing it before your first open home. The same goes with loose or broken floorboards. Good floor coverings will make your home look more appealing. 

Tip #6 Make sure everything is clean (especially your bathroom/s)

This should go without saying, but nothing puts potential buyers or tenants off more than homes that aren’t as clean as they could be, especially bathroom areas. It’s worthwhile getting professionals in.

You should also make sure you clean out your kitchen pantry as much as possible, and make sure anything that remains is stacked neatly.

Tip #7 Ensure that kitchen and other appliances work

Buyers and potential tenants will want to check that appliances like the stove, oven and air conditioning system (if you have one installed) work properly. 

You should also make sure your kitchen looks as open and spacious as possible. Clear the kitchen benches of any non-essential items.

Tip #8 Tidy up your yard and garden

This is especially important for your front yard as it’s one of the first things that potential buyers and tenants will notice. But it’s also important for your backyard as well. Make sure that your grass is freshly mowed, the edges are done and that you tidy up your garden as much as possible by removing any weeds or overgrown plants.

Tip #9 Prepare a fresh fruit bowl or a vase of flowers

Either of these things sitting on a kitchen bench or dining room table will help to make your property look more homely and appealing.

Tip #10 Don’t be home or next door

Give your potential buyers and tenants some space during the open home inspection time. Leave before they get there and don’t come back until everyone is gone. Let your real estate agent do the work of selling or leasing your property.

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