Mount Isa’s top coldies

Australia’s top selling drops over the past year have been revealed. You’ll find many of them either on tap or available at your favourite Mount Isa watering hole. Below is the top 10 list by sales volume across Australia for 2023.

The top 10

1. Great Northern Super Crisp Lager  
As the Super Crisp name suggests, this is a refreshingly crisp, mid-strength (3.5% alcohol volume) lager that’s easy to drink. Its taste subtly balances malt sweetness and hop bitterness. The fact that it’s a Queensland-made beer arguably makes it taste even better. Super Crisp cans outsell Super Crisp stubbies (4th on the Top 10 list) nationwide.

2. XXXX Gold  
Another mid-strength lager (3.5% alcohol) made in Queensland, XXXX Gold has long been a popular beer in Mount Isa. It has a light and refreshing taste that makes it go down smoothly.

3. Carlton Dry  
A full strength (4.5%) lager that’s ideal if you like a crisp taste with a bit more alcohol than the mid-strength beers provide.

4. Great Northern Super Crisp Lager  
Coming in at fourth in terms of sales volume across Australia last year, stubbies of Super Crisp are almost as popular as cans of it (number 1 on this list).

5. Corona Extra 
This full strength (4.6%) Mexican lager has a distinctive citrus taste and it’s also often served with lime. It’s the only non-Australian-made beer in this Top 10 list.

6. Great Northern Original Lager – full strength 
Like its mid-strength Super Crisp counterpart, the full strength (4.2%) Great Northern Original is smooth and easy to drink. It’s perfect if you want a bit more alcohol in your beer than Super Crisp provides. Cans of this drop slightly outsell stubbies which are at number 7 below in the top 10 sellers’ list.

You can also tell the difference between Original Lager and Super Crisp by the fish branding. The Original Lager has a white fish and Super Crisp has a black fish.

7. Great Northern Original Lager – full strength 
Stubbies of this drop are almost as popular as cans (number 6 above in this top 10 list) among Australian drinkers.

8. Victoria Bitter 
Affectionately known as VB, this full strength lager (4.9%) has a bitter taste, as its name suggests. Its full-bodied flavour has been satisfying Australian drinkers since the 19th century.

9. Tooheys New
This full strength (4.6%) traditional New South Wales lager has a clean malt flavour that goes down well. Don’t be fooled by the ‘New’ branding. It’s been made since 1931, so is approaching its centenary!

10. Coopers Pale Ale 
Coopers Pale Ale is a South Australian full strength (4.5%) beer with a deep, cloudy amber colour. It’s the only ale on this Top 10 list that’s otherwise dominated by lagers. The yeast in lagers are fermented at warmer temperatures than the yeast in lagers. The warmer fermentation temperatures help to generate a crisper flavour in lagers compared to ales.

The bottom line

As you can see, Great Northern brews have 4 places in the top 10, including number 1 with its mid-strength Super Crisp cans, so Great Northern can rightfully claim to be Australia’s most popular brewer.

But no matter what type of beer you like, there’s nothing better than having a few on a hot Mt Isa day!

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