Our new Mount Isa Bunnings (and where to renovate your home)

The new and improved Mt Isa Bunnings store opened in February this year in West Street. It’s open seven days a week, so if you’re thinking about a DIY Mount Isa reno project, it’s well worth your while to check out the products Bunnings has available for you.

What’s different about the new Mount Isa Bunnings store?

The new Bunnings store is almost double the size of the old one that was nearly 20 years old. This means that the new store has room for a LOT more products to help you with a Mount Isa home renovation.

Features of the new store include:

  • dedicated areas for building and landscaping materials.
  • nursery aisles for plant and garden needs.
  • an enclosed drive through area for timber supplies.
  • an increased range of paints.
  • indoor lighting and kitchen displays.
  • a wider range of safety and protective equipment.

What types of Mount Isa home renovations add the most value?

Home renovations can be expensive, depending on the type of renovation work you want done and whether or not you do it yourself.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations tend to be the most expensive, but they also tend to add the most value to a home. They also usually require professional expertise in areas like plumbing, tiling, carpentry, painting and electrical work. Modern kitchen and bathroom facilities are highly valued by Mount Isa property buyers and tenants.

Other ways to add value when renovating your home can include:

  • knocking out an internal wall to create more space.
  • building an outdoor entertaining area.
  • rendering exterior walls to make them look newer.
  • giving the interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint.
  • insulating your home to help you beat the Mount Isa heat and save on air conditioning costs.

The pros and cons of DIY home renovations

DIY home renovations have their pros and cons. Let’s look at the potential advantages of DIY renovations first.

The pros

  • DIY can save you money compared to hiring tradies to do it.
  • DIY can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction that you did the work yourself.

The cons

On the flip side, DIY home renovations can have their disadvantages.

  • You may not have the skills or expertise to do high quality reno work.
  • It may not be legal or safe for you to do the work.
  • Renovating is time-consuming work and you may not have the time to do it (or to do it quickly like tradies can).

The bottom line

Ultimately, the decision about whether to do a DIY renovation or to hire professionals comes down to whether the DIY pros outweigh the cons.

If you’re doing a substantial renovation to improve the value of your Mount Isa home and the work requires council approvals and professional skills that you don’t have, then hire good tradies to do the work for you. It will save you a lot of time and hassle.

And even if you do get tradies to do the work for you, you can still choose your renovation materials by checking out the product range available at the new Mount Isa Bunnings store.

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