Rental property application tips

A rental property application is your chance to convince a landlord and/or property manager to choose you as a tenant. It’s important to put your best foot forward on your application so you stand out from other applicants. Read on to find out how to do that, as well as answers to FAQs.

Make sure to supply evidence that you’ll be a good tenant

This evidence should include things like:

  • positive references from your current/previous landlords if you have rented before (and their contact details).
  • positive references from your current/previous employers (and/or their contact details).
  • proof of your income (such as your current pay slips and bank statements).
  • evidence of payment of your latest gas, electricity or phone bills.

The main concerns of any landlord are that you will look after their property and pay your rent on time. You should provide as much evidence as you can that you will do both of those things.

Make sure you supply at least 100 points of ID

Different forms of ID are worth a different point amounts:

  • your driver’s licence (60 points).
  • your passport (50).
  • your birth certificate (50).
  • your Australian citizenship certificate if you weren’t born here (50).
  • your Australian visa if you weren’t born here or aren’t a citizen (40).
  • your Medicare card (40).

Ideally, include at least one form of photo ID with your application.

Make sure you sign your application (and consider supplying a covering letter)

Don’t forget to sign! A brief cover letter summarising your application can also help you to stand out from the crowd.


What happens after you submit your rental application?

If your landlord is using the services of a Mount Isa property manager like our experienced team at Jays Real Estate and your application is shortlisted, we will check your rental history information on TICA – Australia’s largest tenancy database. It keeps records of any negative rental history, such as late (or outstanding rent payments), or any property damage caused by tenants.

If you’ve been a good tenant at your current and/or previous rental properties, then you’ll pass this TICA check with flying colours. We will then confirm your employment and potentially contact your current or previous landlords if we require any further information.

How long does the rental application process take?

It usually takes between 2 and 7 days, depending on how quickly we can get the information we need.

What is the next step after a rental application is approved?

Our team will require you to arrange a non-refundable bank transfer of one week’s rent as a holding deposit.

Once this transfer is made, you have secured the Mt Isa property and will need to:

  • sign the lease agreement,
  • pay 4 week’s rent as your rental bond (this amount is transferred to the Residential Tenancies Authority, the State government department responsible for administering Queensland’s residential property legislation – it is refundable if you pay all rent due and don’t cause any damage to the property during your lease term),
  • pay another week’s rent (which will mean you have paid two week’s rent including your holding deposit).

The bottom line

There’s an old saying that “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. It certainly applies to a rental property application. Make sure you give yourself every possible chance to stand out as a good applicant.

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