Security cameras in Mount Isa rental properties

If you’re a Mount Isa landlord, then you obviously want to protect your property. And if you’re a Mount Isa tenant, then you obviously want to protect yourselves and your belongings while you’re renting your property. Here’s everything you need to know.

Can tenants install security cameras?

In addition to safety, tenants may want to install internal or external security cameras in Mt Isa rental properties to keep an eye on their pets when they’re not there. Landlords aren’t allowed to refuse a security camera installation if the tenant is prepared to pay for it, provided some rules are followed.

The main one is that the security camera system can’t be wired unless you obtain the written permission of your landlord. If you do, the installation should be done by a professional, and your landlord can request its removal when you leave the property if they wish, and you would be required to pay for its professional removal. Although that would be a cost, at least you could take it to your next property.

If as a tenant you opt to pay for a wireless security camera system instead, then you still must ensure that its installation doesn’t cause any damage to the property.

The other main rule that you need to be aware of is that you can’t have any external security cameras pointing toward any neighbouring properties. If your neighbours think that your cameras are pointing at their home or even their yard, then they can complain to the police that their privacy is being violated.

Can landlords install security cameras?

Landlords can install security cameras on their Mount Isa rental properties, but again there are rules that must be followed. These rules depend on the location of the cameras.

Firstly, outdoor cameras are generally always allowed without the need to gain any formal permission. The only exception would be if you own a property like a unit or a townhouse, and if you do, you would need to ask the permission of your body corporate.

If you do have external security cameras installed at your own cost, then it’s a good idea for you or your property manager to show your tenants where they are and to give them access to its footage.

Indoor cameras on the other hand are illegal for landlords to install in their rental properties as they breach tenant privacy and their right to have “quiet enjoyment” of the premises.

How much do home security cameras cost?

This depends on the quality and features of the system. They can be as cheap as $60 for a basic camera, and up to several hundred dollars for a system with more advanced features and capabilities.

The best security camera system will depend on your individual needs. Sometimes, the mere presence of a camera can be enough to act as a deterrent to people looking to damage a property or take your belongings, without needing to spend a lot of money.

Can you record audio with home security cameras?

Most cameras come with this feature, but you might want to consider turning it off unless the primary use of your camera is to monitor your pets. That’s because it’s usually illegal to record people without their consent.

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