Spare guest beds that can be hidden away

Do you have guests that want to visit you here in Mount Isa but there’s nowhere for them to sleep? Or is one of your rooms permanently taken up with a spare bed that’s rarely used? Spare guest beds that can be hidden away can solve both problems.

Blow-up beds/mattresses

Blow-up beds/mattresses have been around for a long time but their quality and ease of setup has improved markedly over the years. Now, you can forget about the old-fashioned methods of using your lungs or a foot pump to blow them up if you opt for a blow-up bed with an electric pump instead. Inflation takes less than 3 minutes. Here are some examples of these types of blow-up beds.

The electric pump can also be used for quick bed deflation so that you can pack these beds up in their storage bag and put them out of sight when they aren’t needed.

Blow-up beds are also great to take on camping trips, especially if you go to a powered site.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds are a more traditional option of hiding beds that aren’t often needed. The cushions of a sofa bed hide a metal frame and thin (usually foam) mattress that can be unfolded to create a bed.

Three-seater sofa beds usually convert into double beds, while two-seaters typically convert to queen size.

Futon beds

Futon beds are similar to sofa beds, except sofa beds have separate cushions for sitting, while futon beds use their cushions for the dual purposes of sitting and sleeping.

When the futon is being used as a couch, its backrest is up. To use it as a bed, you simply fold the back rest down until it is completely horizontal.

Trundle beds

Trundle beds are essentially two-in-one beds where the second bed is on rollers underneath the first bed so that it can be either rolled out or hidden away when it’s not needed. They are very convenient.

Foldable beds

Foldable beds work like their name suggests. Both the bed frame and lightweight mattress can be folded or unfolded easily, making them portable and storable when not needed. Again, they are a simple and convenient option.

Foldable foam mattresses

Of course, you don’t necessarily need a bed frame to help your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep. A foam mattress with a decent thickness can do the trick, and once again, a key benefit of foam mattresses is that they can be easily folded away and stored out of sight when you don’t need them.

Bed in a box

Did you know that you can now get a foldaway cardboard bed base in a box?? Well, you can. This cardboard bed base can be pulled out of its box and a mattress placed on top of it. When you don’t need it, the base can simply be put back in its box and you can reclaim your space.

Even though the base is made of cardboard, it’s incredibly strong and can support people and pets. It’s easy to set up and pack away, and it comes with a 5-year guarantee in every size from single to super king. It’s also both minimalist and environmentally friendly.

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