Splash out with a pool in Mount Isa, QLD

Pools have always been popular in Mount Isa backyards. Why wouldn’t they be in such a warm climate? And now swimming in Mt Isa is more enjoyable for everyone thanks to the Splashez Aquatic Centre upgrade over August and September this year. 

We’ve answered the FAQs for Mt Isa in-ground swimming pools below, along with what you can expect to find now at Splashez to beat the heat and have fun at the same time. 

Types of in-ground swimming pools

There are a range of backyard swimming pool options available, including:

  • fibreglass
  • concrete
  • vinyl
  • plunge.

Let’s look at each option in turn.

Fibreglass pools

Fibreglass is a popular option for in-ground Mt Isa swimming pools. The ground is excavated and a fibreglass shell is lowered into it. The shell is smooth and very easy to maintain. 

A good quality fibreglass pool should last 15 years or more, and repairs can be fairly easily done over time. 

Concrete pools

Concrete pools are a traditional option for building an in-ground pool. However, it’s quite a labour-intensive process to build a concrete in-ground pool compared to installing a fibreglass shell.

Another drawback is that the concrete pools are more susceptible to cracking over time as the ground shifts. Remember, in Mount Isa the ground moves twice a day with the blast from the mines!

Vinyl pools

Vinyl-lined pools have a sand base and a vinyl liner that are supported by metal or plastic frames and panels like you would see on an above-ground pool. 

The major drawback with vinyl-lined pools is that they can be easily punctured. If they are, repairs can be costly. The vinyl also needs to be treated with UV and fungal inhibitors to prevent damage over time.

How much does a pool cost?

How long is a piece of string? The price of an in-ground pool in Mt Isa depends on:

  • the materials used to build it, 
  • its design,
  • its size
  • the excavation and installation costs. 

What type of backyard pool should you get in Mt Isa?

Ultimately, the type of pool you should choose for your home depends on how you want to use it and your budget. 

It’s worthwhile getting professional advice before you make a decision. 

Where can you get a fibreglass pool in Mount Isa?

Tyrrell Builders have now combined with Leisure Pools Australia to supply and install a range of fibreglass in-ground pools in Mount Isa. Options available include the:

Each of the above models come in a range of sizes to suit different Mt Isa backyard needs and spaces.

Fancy a dip at the public pool in Mt Isa?

While you’re waiting for it to be built you could cool off in Mt Isa’s popular and upgraded aquatic centre. Splashez Aquatic Centre is a Mt Isa community facility that’s open all year round with both 50-metre and children’s pools. You can go there for:

  • recreational and lap swimming
  • swimming lessons 
  • squad training
  • water fitness programs
  • just to cool off and have fun! 

Splashez Mt Isa also has shade sails to help you avoid sunburn, large grassed areas for the kids to play, and barbecue facilities with covered seats. It’s the most popular public place for swimming Mount Isa has to offer. 

Thinking of moving to Mount Isa?

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