The Mount Isa Trivia Quiz

Everyone loves a fun trivia quiz, and we’ve come up with one to test your knowledge of Mount Isa’s people, history, events and places. Welcome to our Mt Isa trivia quiz! There are 20 multiple choice questions, and the answers are at the bottom. No Googling before you get there!

Mount Isa people

1. What was the population of Mount Isa according to the last Census in 2021?
a) 8,727
b) 18,727
c) 28,727
d) 38,727

2. Which current AFL star was born in Mount Isa?
a) Dayne Zorko
b) Charlie Cameron
c) Lachie Neale
d) Eric Hipwood

3. Which former golf star was born in Mount Isa?
a) Greg Norman
b) Karrie Webb
c) Tiger Woods
d) Ian Baker-Finch

4. Which of these actresses was born in Mount Isa?
a) Nicole Kidman
b) Leah Purcell
c) Cate Blanchett
d) Deborah Mailman

5. Which former tennis star was born in Mount Isa?
a) Ash Barty
b) Pat Cash
c) Pat Rafter
d) Lleyton Hewitt

Mount Isa history

6. The Mount Isa area was first inhabited by which people?
a) the Jagera people
b) the staff of Mount Isa Mines
c) the Kalkadoon people
d) the Turrbal people

7. What was the name of the prospector who discovered lead and silver deposits in the Mount Isa area in 1823?
a) John Campbell Miles
b) John Campbell Glencore
c) John Campbell Isa
d) John Campbell

8. What place is Mount Isa named after?
a) Mount Ida in New Zealand
b) Mount Ida in England
c) Mount Ida in Scotland
d) Mount Ida in Western Australia

9. The Underground Hospital in Mount Isa was built during which War?
a) World War I
b) World War II
c) the Korean War
d) the Vietnam War

10. Which British royal was taken on an underground tour of a Mount Isa mine in 1970?
a) Prince Philip
b) Queen Elizabeth II
c) Prince Charles
d) Princess Anne

Mount Isa events

11. When will Mount Isa celebrate its centenary?
a) 2023
b) 2032
c) 2033
d) 2028

12. When is the Mount Isa Rodeo held each year?
a) June
b) July
c) August
d) September

13. Complete this sentence. The Mount Isa Rodeo is the largest rodeo in ________________.
a) Queensland
b) Australia
c) the Southern Hemisphere
d) the world.

14. Where is a popular Mount Isa fishing competition usually held in October?
a) Clear Water Lagoon
b) Lake Julius
c) the Leichhardt River
d) Lake Moondarra

15. When is the Mount Isa Agricultural Show usually held each year?
a) May
b) June
c) July
d) August

Mount Isa places

16. Which of these suburbs is located on the ‘townside’ of Mount Isa?
a) Parkside
b) Soldiers Hill
c) Healy
d) Miles End

17. Which of these suburbs is located on the ‘mineside’ of Mount Isa?
a) Breakaway
b) Mornington
c) Pioneer
d) Parkside

18. Where does Mount Isa normally get most of its water supply from?
a) the Leichhardt River
b) Lake Moondarra
c) Lake Julius
d) Glencore

19. Which of the following sites in Mount Isa is on the World Heritage List?
a) Riversleigh in the Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park
b) Lake Moondarra
c) the City Lookout
d) the Mount Isa Regional Art Gallery

20. Which is the longest-running real estate agency in Mount Isa?
a) Jays Real Estate
b) Jays Real Estate
c) Jays Real Estate
d) Jays Real Estate


1. b
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. c
6. c
7. a
8. d
9. b
10. a
11. a
12. c
13. c
14. d
15. b
16. c
17. d
18. b
19. a
20. All answers are correct!

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