Timber floor options for your Mount Isa home

Timber flooring is a great choice for any Mount Isa home. It’s a cool option in our hot climate and it’s also easy to keep clean. But did you know there’s a wide range of timber floor options? Read on to find out everything you need to know to make the best choice for your Mt Isa home.

Hardwood timber flooring

Hardwood timber flooring is made entirely from hardwood timber like beech, Tasmanian oak, jarrah, mahogany, maple, blackbutt, spotted gum and walnut. Each piece of hardwood timber flooring will have natural differences in colour and grain, which adds to its overall look and feel.

Hardwood timber floors should be installed by professionals. Ideally, the timber should be acclimatised on site for two or three weeks prior to installation. If this isn’t done, the timber can react negatively to any subsequent moisture.

Hardwood timber flooring is usually glued or nailed onto a timber subfloor of an existing home. Once laid, it needs to be sanded, stained and polished. It is extremely durable and long lasting.

The cost of hardwood timber flooring depends on the timber, but it averages between $50 and $120 per metre plus installation costs of $25 to $35 per square metre.

Floating timber flooring

Floating timber flooring has a thin layer of hardwood timber on top of several layers of plywood. It’s a more affordable option than solid timber, and it’s pre-finished to be ready to walk on almost straight away once laid.

The ‘floating’ name comes from the way this type of timber flooring is laid. Each piece of timber locks together rather than needing to be nailed or glued. They can be laid over any flat surface (such as concrete or tiles). The plywood underlay reduces noise and helps to protect the thin layer of hardwood timber on top against moisture.

The average cost to supply and install floating timber flooring ranges from $65 to $150 per square metre.

Parquetry flooring

Parquetry flooring consists of timber offcuts that have been pre-assembled to form a pattern. It can be installed over the top of existing timber flooring or concrete, so long as the base is flat.

Popular parquetry floor patterns include herringbone, basket weave, square-on-square, chevron and lineal. The cost to supply and install parquetry flooring varies greatly depending on the timber and pattern that you want to have.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo isn’t technically timber, but most people assume it is. Bamboo is actually a type of grass believe it or not, not a tree. It’s even harder than most hardwood timbers, and it’s also more cost-effective.

The average cost to supply and install bamboo flooring ranges from $45 to $160 per square meter.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring isn’t timber either, but these days you can get laminate flooring that has a timber look and feel. It is low maintenance, cost-effective, hardwearing and durable. The average cost to supply and install laminate flooring ranges from $25 to $65 per square meter, making it potentially your cheapest ‘timber-look’ option.

The bottom line

Timber floors (or timber-look floors) are not only practical for homes in a hot region like Mount Isa, but they can really enhance the value and appeal of any home.

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