Ways to make your rental property smoking hot

The market for tenants in Mount Isa is competitive. Nearly half of all residential homes in Mount Isa are rental properties. That means Mount Isa tenants tend to have a lot of choice. It’s crucial to make your investment property stand out so that it will always be in high demand.

Here are 8 ways to do that.

  1. Invest in quality fixtures and fittings

All tenants like to live as comfortably as possible, and investing in quality fixtures and fittings in your rental property can help to ensure that. Things like furniture, appliances and flooring. Having quality fixtures and fittings in kitchen and bathroom areas are especially important.

  1. Make sure it’s air conditioned and insulated!

Mount Isa obviously has a warm climate, so making sure your rental property is air-conditioned and as insulated as possible in its ceilings, walls and windows should be a ‘no brainer’ for attracting tenants.  Many tenants won’t even consider any Mount Isa home that doesn’t have air conditioning. 

  1. Invest in a pool

Mount Isa rental properties that have pools are also popular with tenants for obvious reasons.

  1. Take care of any repairs and maintenance issues before you advertise for tenants

If your home needs a fresh coat of paint or has any other repairs or maintenance issues, make sure you take care of them before you list. This will give potential tenants confidence in renting your property.

  1. Invest in professional listing photography

There’s an old saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and it certainly applies to real estate!

When you’re trying to attract tenants, having high-quality photos in your property listing tends to attract higher numbers of tenant enquiries and inspections. And the more tenant interest you get, the more rent you can potentially charge. 

Having high tenant demand will also increase your chances of getting high-quality tenants who will look after your property and pay their rent on time, every time.

Your photos should highlight all of the best features of every room in your home, as well as any external areas like an outdoor entertaining area and yard.

  1. Have a detailed listing description for your property

Highlight all of the selling points of your rental property for potential tenants. This should include selling points not only for the rental property itself, but also the surrounding neighbourhood. A good Mount Isa property manager will be able to help you with this because they will know what tenants are looking for. 

  1. Maximise your inspection appeal

Simple things like making sure the inside of your rental home is clean and that its yard is neat and tidy will go a long way towards helping you get good tenants as quickly as possible. 

After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! If a tenant doesn’t feel comfortable in your home during an inspection, they’ll simply move on and inspect another one instead.

  1. Hire a good Mount Isa property manager

Property managers don’t just manage tenants while they’re in your rental property, they also help you to attract tenants in the first place. A good property manager will be able to give you advice on maximising your property’s appeal so that you can attract high-quality tenants. They will also likely have a database of potential tenants on their books, and they can help you check their backgrounds.

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