Who is the typical Mount Isa resident – What the latest Census shows

Remember the Census form you filled out online or on paper almost a year ago? Well, all the results are in! Read on to find out everything you need to know about the typical Mount Isa resident, as well as plenty of other interesting facts about the people in our town.

The typical Mount Isa resident

The typical Mount Isa resident is 31, has a weekly household income of $2,212 and lives in a household with 2 or 3 people. If paying off a mortgage, the typical household in Mount Isa has monthly repayments of $1,536. If renting, they are paying $260 a week.

Where are we above average?

The really good news is that we earn well above average incomes in Mount Isa! The typical Mount Isa resident earns $1,113 per week, while the average Queenslander earns $787 and the average Australian earns $805.

Nearly 1 in 3 people in Mount Isa earn more than $3,000 per week! These people are most likely to be involved in the mining industry, and they obviously push the average income for the town up.

More Mount Isa residents were born in Australia (74%) than those in the rest of Queensland (71%) and the rest of Australia (66%). Mount Isa also has a much higher Indigenous population (22%) than the rest of Queensland (4%) and Australia (3%).

More Mount Isa residents are also in de facto relationships (18%) than in the rest of Queensland (12%) and the rest of Australia (11%).

Where are we below average?

Mount Isa has a much lower average age (31) of our population than either Queensland or Australia (where the average age is 38 for both). So we’re a young town in that sense, which is probably a good thing, depending on your perspective!

Less people are also married in Mount Isa (37%) compared to the rest of Queensland (45%) and the rest of Australia (46%). This is probably a reflection of the lower average age of Mount Isa residents and our higher proportion of de facto relationships.

Characteristics of the typical Mount Isa home

The majority (75%) of Mount Isa homes are standalone houses. The majority (71%) have 3 bedrooms or more.

45% of Mount Isa residents rent their accommodation. 29% are paying off a mortgage, while 16% own their homes outright.

The generally high income levels of Mount Isa residents make both buying and renting a Mount Isa home very affordable.

Has Mount Isa changed much since the last Census?

Not really.

Our population is virtually the same at just under 20,000. Many workers have come and gone, which is normal. Workers have always tended to earn above average incomes here and the workforce also tends to be younger.

Larger homes are also the norm here because space isn’t a problem like it is in the big cities.

You can find all the Mount Isa Census data here.

How our team will use the latest Census data to sell and lease Mount Isa homes

Nothing in the Mt Isa Census data surprised our team at Jays Real Estate. We’re locals, so it didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know about Mount Isa itself, but it does highlight how we compare favourably to other parts of Australia.

We’ll be sure to let renters and buyers know when we are selling and leasing properties on behalf of our Mount Isa landlords and sellers! Many tenants and buyers come from out of town.

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