Who’s in the dog house? How to build your pooch a palace

Dogs are a part of the family, so it’s only natural that we want the best for them. These days, you don’t have to settle for a bargain basement kennel for your furry friend. You can build your pooch a palace instead!

Outdoor dog houses for hot climates

It gets hot in Mount Isa (or anywhere in north west Queensland for that matter). That makes it crucial you have a dog house that’s suitable for a hot climate.

 You should avoid:

  • making your dog house too small. As a rule of thumb, it should be about a third bigger than your adult dog’s standing height and fully stretched position when lying down (so if you have a puppy, make sure you allow for that when building it). Any smaller, and it will feel hot and stuffy and your dog won’t want to spend much time in it.
  • putting a door on your dog shed. If you do, it will stop any breeze from entering it to help to cool it. You should add a window or two and also drill small holes in the side walls to provide extra ventilation. Make sure your walls are made from wood as it can withstand high temperatures and humidity. 
  • having the ground as the floor. Build your pooch palace with a raised floor instead, because the Mt Isa region has a tropical climate that has heavy rain during the wet season (which for Mount Isa is December to March). A raised floor also helps to keep it cooler by allowing air to circulate underneath. Make sure that the floor slopes slightly towards the door, in case any rain gets in.
  • having a shingled roof (one that has overlapping elements, as they attract and hold heat). Build your dog house with a plywood panel roof instead, and if you put hinges on it, it will make the inside easier to keep clean. You should also consider overhanging the front of the roof to provide extra protection from the sun at the entry spot.
  • placing your dog house in an unshaded area. Find a shady spot instead. Ideally, your pet gazebo should be movable. 
  • using blankets or towels as inside cushions for your pooch palace. They can get hot and they can also attract pests. Use straw or wood shavings instead to give your buddy some comfortable padding to lie on, and replace it regularly.
  • painting the inside walls (as this reduces insulation).
  • having the front entry spot in the middle. Have it on the side instead. This will ensure your dog always has a shady corner to relax.

DIY dog houses

There seems to be a YouTube video to show you how to do just about anything these days, and building a dog house is no exception! Check out this How to build a dog house video to help you. 

Or if you’re feeling really ambitious with your pooch palace ideas, check out this video showcasing 15 luxurious dog mansions!

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