Why newer homes appeal to buyers

If you have a newer home to sell in Mount Isa, it can be more appealing to buyers than an older one for a range of reasons. But there’s also plenty of things you can do to maximise the appeal of an older home so that you can get the best possible selling price.

Energy efficiency

Newer homes in Mount Isa tend to be more energy efficient because they have better insulation. They tend to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and they use less energy. This means they have cheaper energy bills, so having an energy efficient Mount Isa home is a good selling point.

If you have an older home to sell, you can make it more energy efficient (and increase your selling price) by doing things like:

  • insulating your ceiling, walls and floors (or upgrading your insulation).
  • getting energy-efficient appliances (like a new hot water system).
  • installing solar panels.
  • fitting shutters or blinds to your windows to block out the heat (or getting window film or installing double glazed windows).

Less repairs and maintenance

Newer homes also usually require less repairs and maintenance than older homes.

If you have an older home to sell, you can lessen the potential impact of this issue by taking care of any repairs and maintenance issues before you sell. For example:

  • a fresh coat of paint inside and out.
  • repairing or replacing a leaky roof.
  • replacing worn-out carpet.

A more modern look, features and layout

Newer homes will usually look more modern than older ones, as well as having more contemporary features and layout.

But this doesn’t necessarily appeal to all buyers. Some buyers are looking for older homes with character and charm.


Newer homes have more time remaining on any construction warranties than older homes.

However, if you have a quality older home that you’ve maintained well or updated over the years, this may not be an issue.


Newer homes tend to be larger than older homes. House floor plans have generally increased over the years.

If you have a smaller older home, make sure it’s as uncluttered as possible when you list and display it to potential buyers. This will help to give it a more spacious feel.

No hazardous materials

Newer homes are less likely to have any potentially hazardous materials used in their construction.  

However, if you have an older home, you can put potential buyers’ minds at rest by having a building inspection before you list. You may have no issues at all, or if you do, you can try and address them before you list your home.

Advantages of older homes

While some newer homes can have some advantages that older homes struggle to match, older homes can have some advantages of their own that appeal to buyers. Those advantages can include:

  • a lower price (especially if they need to have some repairs and maintenance money spent on them)
  • more diversity of house styles. Newer homes can tend to look similar.
  • more established neighbourhoods.
  • fully grown trees and shrubs.

At the end of the day, there’s a healthy buyer market in Mount Isa for both newer and older homes when sellers do simple things to maximise their appeal. Those buyers include both owner-occupiers and property investors.